Gil-galad, High King of the Ñoldor and joint commander of the Last Alliance!

Elric, wielder of the doomed sword Stormbringer and facet of the Eternal Champion of the Multiverse!


The Weapons

Gil-galad Elric of Melniboné
Melee: Aeglos Melee: Stormbringer
Magic: Elven mantras Magic: Force blast
Special: Vilya Special: Ring of Actorios (can summon Arioch, a demon prince with powers roughly equal to Annatar's, to Elric's aid)
Armor and shielding: Last Alliance armor, has self-healing powers (only useful in non-mortal wounds). Armor and shielding: Black plate mail, black chain mail.
X Factor: Gil-galad is physically stronger than Elric and is capable of using Telepathy. X Factor: Elric is physically weak but an accomplished sorceror, with the ability to use magic more efficiently than Gil-galad and for extended periods. Although as a facet of the Eternal Champion he technically exists in every plane of being simultaneously, his being brought into contact with Gil-galad is a sign that the borders between planes are weakened and hence Elric's already formidable sorcery will be amplified by his ability to draw on the powers of other incarnations of the Eternal Champion.


  • Good votes count as one vote.
  • Bad votes count as half a vote.
  • Each co-author gets one vote.
  • PROPOSAL: Wyvern, would it be alright if Elric cannot summon a demon? Because then it'd be still lopsided.
  • That's sort of an iconic moment for Elric. I'm prepared to drop summoning the dragon if you'll let me keep the Ring of Arioch in it. I'll also agree to limit Arioch's powers somewhat by keeping him in his human form, which is not dissimilar to Annatar's.
  • Good idea.
  • PROPOSAL: Thorn, can you design an X Factor for Gil-galad? Also, remember that Aeglos is two-handed, so it's a choice between spear or shield for much of the fight.
  • PROPOSAL: I have devised a new X Factor for Elric, based on one of his most famous appearances outside of the main series (Elric at the End of Time). Also, Elric predated Skyrim by roughly fifty years.
  • What does that have to do with anything?

Wyvern's edges

  • Melee: Aeglos is a fine weapon wielded by a skilled user but Stormbringer is sentient, endows Elric with near-superhuman strength and skill and absorbs the very souls of those it slays. Elric (or rather Stormbringer) wins this one.
  • Magic: Gil-galad's spell-weaving is sophisticated and Elric would have difficulty escaping from an elven spell but Elric force blast seems rather more ... practical. Particularly as he could wield it from beyond the range of Aeglos. Elric wins.
  • Special: Vilya has the power to control minor elements such as water but the Ring of Actorios is capable of summoning the demon lord Arioch to fight on Elric's behalf. This requires a large amount of energy but even without this the Actorios stone will aid Elric's fragile mental state. Elric (or rather Arioch) wins this one.
  • Armor and shielding: Gil-galad's elven-armor is superior to the cobbled-together scraps of Elric's armor.
  • X Factor: A bit of telepathy, or the ultimate back-up power facility? No contest. Elric wins.

Thornclaw's Edges

  • Melee: Aeglos has longer range than Stormbringer, yet Elric's blade absorbs souls in a Skyrim-like fashion. Edge: Elric
  • Magic: Elric's spells are powerful, but Gil-galad can distract his mind with hand-to-hand combat and attack him with magic at the same time, forcing him to focus on one and lose out on the other. Edge: Gil-galad
  • Special: Both have similar powers. Edge: Even
  • Armor: Gil-galad's armor is superior, as said above. Edge: Gil-galad
  • X-Factor: Telepathy...not that good. Edge: Elric

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