The first RPG on this Wiki! You choose a character, any character, from the JRR Tolkien Middle-earth Legendarium and fight with him/her against other User's characters!


  1. Obey the Protocol.
  2. No immediate killing. For instance, no Angmar slices off Aragorn's head and stabs him in gut with Morgul-knife but Angmar swings sword at Aragorn's head and stabs at him with Morgul-knife.
  3. Only Tolkien characters. Their New Line Cinema versions are acceptable as well.
  4. Have fun!


Please place your character in the same profile as mine or IT WILL NOT COUNT.

Witch-king of Angmar

Gender: Male

Species: Human (Corrupted into Nazgul)

Appearance: Black robe and hood, spiked crown/helmet, metal gauntlets and shoes, rest of body not visible

Clothing: See Appearance

Weapons: Longsword that can burst into flames, flail, mace, Morgul-knife, Black Breath

Personality: Pure evil

Affliation: Evil


Gender: Female

Species: Elf

Appearance: White gown, blond hair, elvish features

Clothing: See Appearance

Weapons: Staff with magical powers

Personality: Pure good

Affliation: Good


Gender: Male

Species: Cold-drake

Appearance: Four-legged, wingless green-black lizard

Clothing: Armour scraps gathered from an abandoned dwarf hoard

Weapons: Teeth, claws, venom in breath

Personality: Switches between evil factions

Affiliation: Evil

Legolas Greenleaf


Species: Elf

Appearance: Blonde Hair, Elven Features

Clothing: Green Elf outfit, Shoulder guards

Weapons: Lorien Bow, 2 White Knives

Personality:Good, good fighter

Allignment: Good

Aragorn II Elessar

Gender: Male

Species: Man

Appearance: Bearded middle aged man, has dark brown hair

Clothing: Ranger's outfit, mail shirt under outfit, belt

Weapons: Anduril, bow, and a knife

Personality: Good Hearted, Very hard to corrupt, close to pure good but not there yet

Affiliation: Good


Gender: Male

Species: Elf

Appearance: Dark hair,

Clothing: mithril armour and helmet, blue cloak

Weapons: Sword and spear

Personality: Proud and Valiant

Affiliation: Good

Bullroarer Took

Species: Hobbit

Appearance: Large and strong for a hobbit, but still has a clean shaven face (otherwise he'd be mistaken for a dwarf!)

Clothing: Simple hobbit traveling clothes, along with a thick leather jerkin underneath as padding against blows

Weapons: Club

Personality: cheerful, humble, "hobbit-like", always looking for food

Afflilation: Good