thumb|300px|right|I do not own this video. NOTE FROM THE CREATOR: This is absolutely NOT canon. It is made simply as a parody and for humor. Characters who never met before in Middle-earth's history will make appearances here. And yes, there will be a guest appearance by Jon Snow.

Middle-earth Summer Olympics TA 3019: Hosted at Helm's Deep beginning on July 29.


July 29: Opening Ceremony at The Hornburg. An Uruk-hai will extinguish the Torch. Archery will occur then as well.

July 30: Second half of Archery, Horse Riding, Fencing, and "Toss-the-Dwarf".

July 31: Second half of fencing match. Archery finals for Free Peoples, Anduin Canoeing, and second part of Fencing.

July 32: Third part of Fencing, second part of Anduin Canoeing, "Toss-the-Dwarf" finals, and Archery finals for Forces of Sauron. Second part of Horse Riding.

July 31: Fencing finals and third part of Horse Riding. First part of Agility.

August 1: Horse Riding finals, Anduin Canoeing finals, and second part of Agility.

August 2: Agility finals and Pentathlon. First Mock Battle.

August 3: Second, Third, and Fourth Mock Battles.

August 4: Final Mock Battle and Closing Ceremony at The Hornburg.

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