Hello there, this is my first RPG here. This RPG is based on the wars underground between Dwarves and Goblins and the "Otherfolk," beasties such as the Balrog who are affilated with neither.


  1. You may use only the Dwarf, Goblin/orc/troll/Uruk hai, or with permission the "Otherfolk" species (I don't want to have too many of those.) in this RPG as long as it is in the LotR. There may also be the occasional Lothlorien or Rivendell elf.
  2. No foul language
  3. Keep the weapons to LotR also
  4. Obey Protocol
  5. Enjoy yourself!


Add yours through the comments. They will be put here.

Lennut Stronghammer

Gender: Male

Species: Dwarf

Appearance: beard, bushy eyebrows

Clothing: Traveling cloak, high quality Smaug-scale armor underneath.

Weapons: Two axes, Holy Runes of Durin, Shield, short-sword

Personality: Dwarf, loyal, courageous, strong Affliation: Good

User: Ranguvar Foreseeker


Species: Goblin

Appearance: Wizened, one-eyed orc

Clothing: Torn and slightly burnt black robes, stained from foul alchemy

Weapons: Staff, knife, scimitar, bow and arrows, limited magical ability

Personality: Sneaky, villainous, cruel

User: Wyvern Rex

Durin's Bane

Name: Durin's Bane

Species: Balrog (Maiar)

Appearance: Mostly clouded in smoke, but everyone knows what the Balrog looks like.

Clothing: ^

Weapons: Scimitar, whip

Personality: Unknown

User: Thornclaw Braveheart

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