If you're new to RPG creating, here is a good place to start! You don't need to listen ot everything, though! :


  1. Give your RPG a good-sounding name. Something catchy like, "One RPG to Rule Them All" or "War of the Jewels RPG".
  2. Make a list of rules. The most important is to follow the Protocol, please note.
  3. Tell joiners what the RPG is about. Make a prologue if you wish.
  4. If this is an RPG involving actions, it's suggested that people signify actions in a comment with italics. If that seems too much of a stress, use asterisks, or the * symbol in front of and in the end of an RPing action.
  5. If you want to show that your character is thinking, signify this with Bold.
  6. If your comment is not directly related to the RPG, type OOC (Out Of Character) in front of your comment.
  7. Make sure people have lots of fun!

What Now?Edit

If you want to learn more in making RPGs, go to Advanced RPG Creating.